Hamilton Mountain Trunk Storm Sewer Rehabilitation

Recently, Dufferin Concrete was called upon to provide about 2,000 cubic metres of concrete to help prevent the collapse of an essential utility we often don’t think twice about—one of the City of Hamilton’s storm sewers.

The Hamilton Storm Sewer is a large cast-in place concrete arch box sewer that extends for several kilometres and contains two active sanitary sewers encased in concrete curbs. The infrastructure dates back to the 1970’s and over the years, the rock mass has been squeezing the sewer, causing extensive cracking of the storm sewer roof, walls and floor slab. Due to this extensive damage, about 600 metres of the sewer needed to be reinforced—and quickly—as it had tenuous structural stability. The rehabilitation project included the construction of an access shaft, as well as the removal of a section of existing storm sewer roof to facilitate working access to the sewer.

Our customer, Technicore Underground Inc. was mandated with the completion of this project. For its part, Dufferin Concrete provided a cost-effective semi-self-compacting concrete solution incorporating a specialty plasticizer, a viscosity modifying admixture and a shrinkage reducing admixture.

By working together with our customer, Dufferin Concrete was able to provide a concrete solution that facilitated the construction process while keeping the project on budget, in addition to contributing to the lowering of repair costs related to surface defects and honeycombing.