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We work for an ideal. For a shared vision of an innovative, sustainable and prosperous future. With a group of people that stands united, working together as one, towards a common goal.

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Delivering Innovation Every Step of the Way

At Dufferin Concrete, we are always looking for ways to leverage innovative solutions to better serve our customers. We are industry leaders with the expertise to execute and deliver your projects successfully. We have earned our reputation as one of the most trusted, experienced, and quality-driven concrete suppliers in Canada, with over 100 years of service in the building materials industry.


Featured Project

River & Fifth Condo

Working alongside Broccolini Construction, Dufferin Concrete is supplying 40,000m3 of concrete for the River & Fifth Condo, located at 93 River St, Downtown East Toronto. The project began in October of 2020, and to date, upwards of 7,000m3 of concrete supplied by Dufferin has been placed. Consistent communication, planning and coordination between Dufferin and Broccolini has been essential in navigating the congested city traffic and small footprint for concrete delivery.

Our people are the foundation of our strategy

Dufferin Concrete not only provides a competitive compensation and benefits package, we also offer a wide range of added benefits making this a highly attractive place to work for our employees, and those starting their careers.

Job Openings

Dufferin Concrete offers a wide range of job opportunities in the field or in the office, in Customer Service, Operations, Sales, Technical Services, Ready-Mix Truck Operation, and more.

Building Careers

Dufferin Concrete prides itself on employee development and building careers. Solid growth opportunities are available with progression from entry level to Senior Management.

Students/New Graduates

Dufferin Concrete is always seeking to hire students for seasonal work and internships, as well as new graduates for full-time positions in their respective study.

Demonstration at CRH Facilities – Ontario Superior Court Grants Injunction

After a court hearing held on Friday, March 25, 2022, Madam Justice Mills of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice granted an interlocutory injunction to restrain any protesters from blocking, preventing, or interfering the access to and from CRH facilities (see Schedule A of the Order). The injunction restrains protesters from encouraging, inducing, or importuning any other person to block, prevent the access to CRH facilities. The injunction also restrains any protesters from threatening, harassing or intimidating any other persons for the purpose of inducing them not to enter or leave the CRH facilities. Finally, it restrains any protesters from causing, or inducing or encouraging others to cause, physical damage to CRH property or the property of any persons who wish to do business with CRH or to enter or leave any CRH facilities.

Locations across Ontario

Founded in 1912, Dufferin Concrete has expanded to locations across Southern Ontario. Click below to find an office or concrete plant near you.

Mobile Jobsite

Mobile Jobsite application is a one of a kind tool that allows you to track your concrete delivery from plant to site on your mobile device. This allows for real time status updates that can save time and help meet scheduling needs. Mobile Jobsite can also be used to review order accuracy, and monitor ongoing pours.

About Us

For decades Dufferin Concrete has been a trusted supplier, providing the materials, expert advice and value-added services to build roads, highways, schools, homes and buildings in Southern Ontario. Our network of 28 plants and over 400 ready-mix trucks provide a variety of standard and custom concrete mixes to meet technical specifications for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential construction customers. We are a division of CRH Canada Group Inc., and part of CRH plc’s Americas Materials, North America’s leading vertically integrated supplier of aggregates, asphalt, cement, ready mixed concrete and paving and construction services.

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Dufferin Concrete is a proud member of Concrete Ontario giving our customers assurance that we not only comply with by-laws, policies and directives of Concrete Ontario, but are committed to producing and providing high quality concrete to our customers.

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