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The document library below is offered to you for your use in finding more information about the Dufferin Concrete business. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact your sales representative.

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2024 Ontario Price List

2023 Ontario Price List

Variable Fuel Surcharge

Thermalcrete 2021

Cold Weather Concreting Considerations

Hot Weather Concreting Considerations

Rapid Surface Evaporation of Fresh Concrete

Seasonal Restriction on your Load

Cold Weather Concrete

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Exposure

Curing Concrete

Guidelines for delivering to concrete pumps


Hot Weather Concrete

Proper Field Testing

Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

Jobsite Addition of Water

Loss of Air in Pumped Concrete

Chemical Admixtures for Concrete

Ordering Ready Mixed Concrete

New Account Credit Application

Restricted Load Letter

How To Create WSIB eClearance Certificate

Distribution Service Guide

Dufferin Foamcrete


Aylmer Plant

Beamsville Plant

Bowmanville Plant

Bradford Plant

Cambridge Plant

Etobicoke Plant

Hamilton Plant

Innisfil Portable Plant

Kitchener Plant

London Plant

Malton Plant

Niagara Falls Plant

Simcoe Plant

Stratford Plant

Tillsonburg Plant

Whitby Plant

Toronto Plant

Toronto Portable Plant

Peterborough Plant

Georgetown Plant

Maple Plant

Scarborough Plant

Mississauga Plant

Markham Plant

Concord Plant

Burlington Plant

Orangeville Plant

Beamsville Plant

Toronto Plant

Mississauga Plant

Markham Plant

Maple Plant

Malton Plant

Etobicoke Plant

Concord Plant

Bradford Plant

Bomanville Plant

Georgetown Plant

Scarborough Plant

SDS CRH Blended Cement 2016 07 13

SDS CRH Portland Cement 2016 07 13

SDS CRH Slag Cement GGBFS 2016 07 13

SDS Ready Mix Concrete 2016 09 12

OH&S Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

DC Customer Newsletter April_2019

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