Paradigm Condominiums Burlington

The development of the Paradigm Condominiums began in August 2015 by the Molinaro Group in mid-town Burlington. The three buildings, made up of a center tower, east tower and west tower will be 20 stories, 23 stories and 20 stories tall respectively. The first two towers were commenced prior to the third tower in order to facilitate the construction schedule and allow residents to move into a completed community with minimal construction activity from adjacent towers post move-in. The three buildings are scheduled to open in 2018.

These elegant scaled buildings offer many value added features with the exterior amenities, underground parking and the close proximity to the Go Transit. Dufferin Concrete provided over 40,000 m3 of concrete ranging up to 80mpa in strength to build this magnificent property.

A raft slab containing 600m3 of concrete was suspended three stories in the air connecting two of the condominiums. Due to the close proximity of the Go train, there was a concrete reinforcing wall built at the back of the building. This was built to ensure the safety of the people and the structures in the event of a train derailment. The concrete wall is built to absorb the impact of the train so that no person in the building would be injured.

The project’s commitment to sustainability is another feature that makes Dufferin Concrete a proud partner on this Molinaro Group development.

Paradigm’s highly-reflective “white” roof reduces cooling requirements during the summer months, and lessens the heat island effect typically enhanced by metropolitan high rises. The development includes a Construction Waste Management Plan that minimizes waste sent to landfills, and redirects recyclable resources back to the manufacturing process. Building materials were sourced locally, including concrete for Dufferin Concrete West district, in order to reduce the environmental impacts of transportation. The project is slated to seek LEED® certification.

Sir Adam Beck Niagara Tunnel

The 10.4 kilometer tunnel below the city of Niagara Falls diverts water flowing at 500 cubic meters per second from going over the Falls, down the length of the tunnel to the Sir Adam Beck power station. There, clean hydroelectricity is generated to power 160,000 homes in Ontario for 100 years. Strabag, the primary contractor for the Niagara Tunnel project, engaged Dufferin Construction on the project and Dufferin Concrete to provide the innovative concrete solutions for the entire project – the cast-in-place tunnel liner and all concrete outside the tunnel. This is enough concrete to pave a two-lane highway for 160 km.

Frank Stancati,  Dufferin Concrete’s Project Supervisor at the tunnel, said the biggest difference with this project is the sheer volume of concrete produced and delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We didn’t go down into the tunnel at all. Our job was to deliver around 800 cubic meters of concrete every day, to exact mix specifications, without fail. The concrete was then pumped down the tunnel where specially-built Strabag mixers took it to where it was needed.

Our team made two very different types of concrete for the tunnel. ‘Shotcrete’ was sprayed onto the tunnel walls immediately after Big Becky, the boring machine, passed. This stabilized the rock to provide temporary support for the tunnel wall until the liner concrete was cast.


“This was the most sophisticated concrete solution in Ontario at the time,” said Peter Moylan, General Manager of Dufferin Concrete . “The design mixes were unique. We were making cast-in-place concrete that had to set quickly and cannot shrink, creep, or crack. It also had to be wear-resistant to last a century. And it had to be pumped over great distances without losing its characteristics at the other end, something neither Dufferin nor Strabag has ever done before.”


Some of the major work completed by Dufferin Construction and Dufferin Concrete included:

• Blasting out and excavating the 43-meter deep, 450-meter long outlet cut. This is where the water will come out after flowing through the 10.4-kilometer length of the tunnel.

• Blasting out and excavating the inlet near the Falls – a 37-meter drop with a 50-degree slope over 150 meters.

• Building the accelerator wall out in the Niagara River which will funnel and accelerate the flow of water to the tunnel.

• Building a cofferdam around the inlet to keep it dry for construction and for Big Becky to come out.

• Creating a two-kilometer long ‘island’ of material drilled out of the tunnel.

Supporting Campfire Circle

Dufferin Concrete is proud to support the Camp Day Challenge for Camp Oochigeas (Campfire Circle ), sponsored by Concrete Ontario.  Campfire Circle is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids affected by childhood cancer, their siblings, and their families, with a wide variety of year-round camp programs.

In what has become an annual campaign for Dufferin Concrete, our ready mix plants in Ontario organize charity barbeques with 100% of donations going towards the campaign. To help the campaign last year, our Concord Office employees raised almost $700 through our ice cream campaign in support of Campfire Circle during our CRH one year anniversary celebrations. As a group, CRH Canada, Dufferin Concrete and Ontario Redimix have raised over $14,000 for the Camp and both divisions have helped set the benchmark for all other concrete producers in Ontario participating in their own Camp Day Challenges. Congratulations to all involved and let’s keep up the great work to support this amazing program! Find out more about Campfire Circle here.

Bubble Hockey for Sick Kids

Dufferin Concrete has been a proud partner to the SickKids Foundation for many years. Over the past two years, we have happily supported SickKids through their Bubble Hockey Tournament, an exciting event designed to raise awareness and funds for The Hospital for Sick Children. There are lots of experienced and inexperienced bubble hockey teams battling for the winning table and hundreds of guests there to support the SickKids Foundation.

The donations raised from this event are in support of the Hospital for Sick Children’s highest priority needs including research, clinical advances, compassionate care and “unrestricted giving”. Unrestricted giving is the most flexible source of funding to speedily deploy funds in the areas of most promise or most need.

Over the years, Dufferin Concrete has raised approximately $385,000 for SickKids with the help of our local community and support from our customers. We are proud to continue our commitment. Find out more and offer your support here.

Ready Mix Drum Sponsorship

Dufferin Concrete takes great pride in giving back to the communities we live and operate in. With help from our customers, the Ready Mix Drum Sponsorship Program, an initiative organized in 2008, has raised over $1.3 million in support of Ontario hospitals. This investment in our community hospitals made possible by our business partners who contribute to much needed hospital programs.

In appreciation, the companies have their logos placed on select Ready Mix Concrete trucks which offer “rolling recognition” throughout the communities of Durham Region, Halton Hills, Hamilton, London, Milton, Oakville, and Toronto for one year. In the fall of 2014 Dufferin Concrete launched three new ready mix trucks in support of McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Grandview Children’s Centre in Durham Region and the Children’s Health Foundation in London. Contact us or speak to your sales representative if you’d like to participate in our program.