River & Fifth Condo, Toronto

Working alongside Broccolini Construction, Dufferin Concrete is supplying 40,000m3 of concrete for the River & Fifth Condo, located at 93 River St, Downtown East Toronto.

The 37-story condo will house 580 units, underground parking, a rooftop terrace and pool, and is scheduled for completion in 2023.

The project began in October of 2020, and to date, upwards of 7,000m3 of concrete supplied by Dufferin has been placed. Consistent communication, planning and coordination between Dufferin and Broccolini has been essential in navigating the congested city traffic and small footprint for concrete delivery.

The project consists of multiple mass concrete pours, introducing challenges such as tremendous amounts of rebar and stress caused by the heat of these mass structures. The Dufferin Concrete team has worked with Broccolini to determine which concrete mixes are optimal for each pour to prevent instances of thermal cracking, and also assisted Broccolini and Verdi Forming in constructing a thermal curing plan to control the temperature differential, which is complicated by fluctuating ambient temperatures.

Dufferin and Broccolini have also collaborated to overcome logistical challenges such as limited staging areas and the permanent closure of Bayview Ave Northbound. Working with Dufferin’s Sales and Distribution teams, Broccolini was able to set up new staging areas 1km from the delivery location, and with constant communication, the teams work together to ensure our trucks are consistently feeding the two pumps on site.

This trusting and cooperative relationship between supplier and customer has proven to overcome a variety of challenges and has resulted in a number of successful pours to date. We look forward to continuing to build the relationship, as well as the successful completion of the River & Fifth project.

Above is Broccolini’s footage of a recent pour. The project’s biggest hurdle and best success story to date.

Application: Main Floor Transfer Slab
Concrete Volume: 1,100m3 (1.4m thick element)