Dufferin Concrete Fibrestrand Demo

Earlier this year, Dufferin Concrete hosted a Fibrestrand Demonstration Day in both the Metro and West regions. These demonstrations were on the usage of Macro Structural Fibres replacing Welded Wire Mesh (WWM) and 10M rebar. Guests joined at the Markham and Kitchener concrete plants, where they were able to examine the finished appearance of 2.4kg/m3 Tuf Strand SF replacing 10M Rebar in hardened sample panels cast ahead of time by Dufferin. During the event, a concrete pad was placed and finished with the 2.4Kg per metre dosage of Tuf Strand SF, representing the replacement of 10M rebar on 12” center to simulate a typical stamping concrete project. Dufferin representatives reviewed the proper steps for placement and finishing procedures using fibre reinforced concrete. The concrete pad was stamped with Macro fibres, and broom, swirl and power trowel finishes were demonstrated.

All pictures and footage in the video above  were taken in PPE free zones.

Please contact us for more information on the use of fibrestrands.