Electronic Ticketing and Invoicing

Dufferin Concrete E-Ticketing with the driver and the tablet
Delivering modern concrete, with modern technologies 

As we watch the world around us go digital to improve services – think UPS, hotels and banking to name a few – the ready mix industry has watched from the sidelines. We continuously try to improve our business and offer solutions that add value to our customers, and we are proud to say that we’re joining the 21st century by going digital.When a ready-mix truck arrives at a jobsite, someone must receive the concrete, note any water added to the load, sign the multi-part delivery ticket, and store it, often in multiple locations, for processing, accounting and record-keeping. Often, the paper ticket is crumpled in a pocket, clamped to a clipboard, or clumped in with other paperwork. More often than not, the ticket gets dropped on the job site, ending up muddied or wet. Lost tickets, that happens more than any of us like to admit, can take time to duplicate and slow down the processing of the job and invoicing. After the concrete pour, the ticket is returned to the office where it is either stuck in a file folder or scanned and stored on a computer. This labour-intensive process can lead to lost tickets and errors, not to mention extensive time spent managing the process.Electronic tickets (E-tickets) are a natural progression for our industry. With current e-ticket software, Dufferin Concrete batches a load of concrete, the load and delivery information is transmitted to a tablet in the driver’s cab. The driver and the customer can click, tap, or type in any required information which is incorporated into the delivery ticket, and then emailed to the customer, and whoever else needs to receive a copy electronically.No lost or damaged tickets in sight. E-ticketing is an integrated real-time paperless ticketing solution, that improves the speed and accuracy of your invoicing process, by eliminating the need to wait forpaper tickets.

Coupled with electronic invoicing (E-invoicing) that transmits invoices directly to customers via email as soon as it is available, the digital solution allows you to match tickets with invoices and process projects much more efficiently. Weekly invoices will arrive immediately allowing you to complete your accounting cycle and billings to your customers.

Tickets and invoices can be stored electronically, eliminating the mountains of boxes we have traditionally had to store. Electronic copies also allow you to easily move information from one location to another, without the need of copying, faxing or scanning and the need for couriers to deliver tickets from project sites to offices within your organization.

As other industries have migrated to electronic documents, we look forward to supporting our customers as our industry begins to transition.

We are excited to be able to offer these cost saving solutions to our customers soon, as part of our value-added services.