Paradigm Condominiums Burlington

The development of the Paradigm Condominiums began in August 2015 by the Molinaro Group in mid-town Burlington. The three buildings, made up of a center tower, east tower and west tower will be 20 stories, 23 stories and 20 stories tall respectively. The first two towers were commenced prior to the third tower in order to facilitate the construction schedule and allow residents to move into a completed community with minimal construction activity from adjacent towers post move-in. The three buildings are scheduled to open in 2018.

These elegant scaled buildings offer many value added features with the exterior amenities, underground parking and the close proximity to the Go Transit. Dufferin Concrete provided over 40,000 m3 of concrete ranging up to 80mpa in strength to build this magnificent property.

A raft slab containing 600m3 of concrete was suspended three stories in the air connecting two of the condominiums. Due to the close proximity of the Go train, there was a concrete reinforcing wall built at the back of the building. This was built to ensure the safety of the people and the structures in the event of a train derailment. The concrete wall is built to absorb the impact of the train so that no person in the building would be injured.

The project’s commitment to sustainability is another feature that makes Dufferin Concrete a proud partner on this Molinaro Group development.

Paradigm’s highly-reflective “white” roof reduces cooling requirements during the summer months, and lessens the heat island effect typically enhanced by metropolitan high rises. The development includes a Construction Waste Management Plan that minimizes waste sent to landfills, and redirects recyclable resources back to the manufacturing process. Building materials were sourced locally, including concrete for Dufferin Concrete West district, in order to reduce the environmental impacts of transportation. The project is slated to seek LEED® certification.