Variable Fuel Surcharge

All concrete will be charged a Variable Fuel Surcharge. This surcharge is based on the average quarterly diesel rack rate, and will be adjusted the 1st day of every month, based on the previous month’s average rack rate. The surcharge will be adjusted as outlined in the table below.

Rack Rate Fuel Surcharge
<$0.67/L $0.00/m3
$0.67/L to <$0.77/L $1.00/m3
$0.77/L to $0.87/L $2.00/m3
$0.87/L to $0.97/L $3.00/m3
$0.97/L to <$1.07/L $4.00/m3

The quarterly average rack rate is calculated based on the Monthly Average Wholesale (Rack) Prices for diesel in Toronto, as posted on the Ministry of Natural Resources website.

If you have any questions about the Variable Fuel Surcharge, please contact your Sales Representative.